What is a Dermatologist?

Dermatologists are the only medical doctors that specialize exclusively in the care of the skin. Training in dermatology consists of a three year period after medical school in which the physician spends 100% of their time studying and treating diseases and conditions of the skin. Dermatologists have an in-depth understanding of the basic science behind skin care and skin disease and are trained to treat all ages, including children. Amber Robbins, MD, is the only board-certified dermatologist in Sheridan, Wyoming, practicing in the area since 2008. Amy LeDoux has been a certified physician assistant since 2010, and has been practicing exclusively in dermatology at Robbins Dermatology, P.C., since 2011.   

Skin Exams

Every new patient is offered a full skin exam at their first visit. How much skin is examined depends on what you are comfortable with having checked. A gown is provided for comfort, and the process is very quick and includes just your provider and you. Patients with a personal or family history of skin cancer are usually advised to have a full skin exam at least once every year.


  • Biopsies: Due to our extensive experience we are often able to diagnose rashes and skin lesions by exam alone, with no need for additional testing. If needed, biopsies can be used to confirm our diagnosis. Biopsies involve numbing the area in question, taking a sample of skin, and sending it for testing. Results are back in 2-5 business days. We perform biopsies every day, and most patients comment on how their experience was better than they expected.
  • Microscopy: Same day results are available to confirm fungal infections or scabies infestations
  • Allergy Testing: We perform T.R.U.E. testing for contact allergies in cases of difficult allergic eczema or contact dermatitis. In almost all cases we consult with the patient first to identify possible allergens before proceeding to testing.


We try our best to provide treatments on the same day of service to our patients, especially since many Wyoming patients drive quite a distance to see us.

  • Cryotherapy: This is our most common treatment, using liquid nitrogen to remove benign or pre-cancerous skin lesions by freezing. Not all skin lesions should be treated with cryotherapy; it truly is an art, of which we have the most experience in the area. 
  • Mole Removal: Bothersome moles can easily be removed; our goal is a painless process with an excellent cosmetic result.
  • Photodynamic Therapy: This is also known as Blu-U blue light therapy and is used to treat precancerous sun damage.  


We perform hundreds of surgical excisions every year. The majority of these are for skin cancer, but we also excise moles, cysts, lipomas and other benign skin lesions. Almost all of these procedures are performed in our office surgical suite under local anesthesia.  Our goal is to keep our patients as comfortable as possible during their procedure.

Treated Conditions

There are at least 3000 unique skin conditions with which dermatologists are familiar! Here are a few of the more common issues we regularly treat.