General Dermatology Services

Dr. Robbins is a Board Certified Dermatologist with extensive experience in treating all diseases of the skin, hair and nails. Dr. Robbins and her Certified Physician Assistant, Amy Herring, perform full skin exams for skin cancer screening, treat all forms of acne, and perform lesion removal. Dr. Robbins performs skin cancer excision surgery to cure all types of skin cancer. At Robbins Dermatology we take pride in our ability to diagnose and cure difficult rashes and manage chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Dermatologists are the only medical doctors that specialize exclusively in the care of the skin. Training in Dermatology consists of a three year period during which the resident physician spends 100% of their time studying and treating diseases and conditions of the skin. They have in-depth understanding of the basic science behind skin care and skin disease and are trained to treat all ages, including children. Amber Robbins, MD, is the only Board Certified Dermatologist in Sheridan, Wyoming, practicing in the area since 2008.

Cosmetic Services

Dr. Robbins wants you to love your skin's appearance. She performs BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments and can reduce the appearance of other unwanted wrinkles with fillers such as Juvederm. BOTOX® Cosmetic is the easiest way to remove common 'frown-lines', crow's feet, and forehead lines. Other areas can be treated as well. Benefits of Botox are that it is very safe, nearly painless and has no 'down-time'. Although the effect is temporary (lasting 3 to 4 months on average), this can also be a benefit, by allowing you to try out a new look without making a permanent commitment. No one understands your skin better than you and your Dermatologist. If you know you want BOTOX® Cosmetic, you can schedule an appointment now, otherwise call for a consultation.

Lasers used daily in the practice include an IPL, for photo-facials and facial rejuvenation, and a KTP laser, unique to the area, which provides excellent results for facial blood vessels and angiomas.